Set your own trip to Israel

About Tailor Made Tours

Build your own trip

Set your own trip for as many days as you want. Large missions or one person - depending on orientation. Tailor made themes: VIP, children and teen friendly, elderly friendly, disabilities, wheelchair and special needs, families, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The planning is flexible and any request can be accommodated.

Set your own experience

 Build your own experience - any sort of trip you have in mind. creativity is welcome! Your themes, ideas and interests can inspire and create a trip that is uniquely your own.

Exclusive & Secluded

 Go to the most exclusive & secluded places in Israel. Customize a luxurious experience down to the smallest details and enjoy a high end experience.


Make the family experience in Israel unforgettable. Create a trip that caters both to grandparents and young children - delivering a type of trip that makes quality family-time and also keeps everyone busy.


Set a trip in Israel that suits your needs. Book transportation, sightseeing, hotels etc. Most importantly: one that accommodates a specific condition in order to make your experience in Israel meaningful and unforgettable.