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Israel innovation recipe

About The Tour

Introducing the new innovations of Israel. Startups and ideas that are born in Israel have huge demand all around the world, from agro tech & recycling water, autonomous driving, fin-tech, bio-medicine and Social Entrepreneurship. The startup nation tour tells the story of how necessity brings inventions and what the invention- nation has to offer the rest of the world.

Tour Itinerary

Startup Nation

Start with an opening of what startup-nation means, what are the advantages of the Israeli society for becoming one of the world's most innovative countries. Introducing the eco-system and the circumstances that have created this entrepreneurial landscape.

Different kinds of Startups

Visit Different kinds of Startups of your interests:

  • Fin tech - has been growing and endorsed by the financial market.

  • Public and mass-transit tech solutions - Automated driving - the cutting edge of this technology is based in Israel.

  • Cyber security - the new front fighting crime and terrorism. 

  • Venture Capital - who support and guide startups.

  • Green houses- Hubs created by different organizations in order to support young entrepreneurs. Medical, tourism and others.

Challenges & Inspiration

Learn about the growing process, challenges the companies have, Inspiration and motivators, Dreams and failures of some of the most important products that we use in our everyday lives.

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