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The Lowest Place on Earth

About The Tour

Discover how amazing the desert can be  at 420m below sea level, you can see some of the most beautiful sites in Israel. Although it seems nothing grows or lives in the Dead Sea area,  this place is rich with history and life all over.

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In the middle of the desert, high on a mountain lies a fortress that was built by the great King Herod. 70 years later, Masada became a keep for a group of Jewish rebels in the last stronghold of the great revolt against the Romans and turned into a heroic symbol of defiance & independence.

Ein Gedi

A beautiful desert oasis. In the middle of the desert the freshwater spring of Ein Gedi runs through the valley. Attracting all sorts of vegetation and wildlife in this barren place. Ein Gedi offers a wonderful opportunity to dip inside the cool spring water on a hot day and enjoy the amazing wildlife that dwell in their natural habitat.

Dead Sea

Lower than 420m below sea level, Feel what it’s like to float in this amazing body of water. The Dead Sea has such a high concentration of minerals in the water you just stay buoyant! You can also enjoy getting covered in rejuvenating Dead Sea mud.

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