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Ministry of Jesus in the Galilee

About The Tour

In the footsteps of Jesus - for most of his life, Jesus dwelled in the Galilee. From his home town to the Sea of Galilee, where the ministry of Jesus starts - This is the cradle of Christianity.

Tour Itinerary


The town where Mary, mother of Jesus, received a visit from the angel by the spring and later at her house and told her the news that she was pregnant with the son of god.


The first town outside of Nazareth where Jesus performed his first public miracle, feeding 5000 guests at the wedding by multiplying the bread and the wine.

The River Jordan

South of the sea of Galilee- a sight was made in order to provide the need of pilgrims to baptise in the same river Jesus was by John.


A village from the 2nd temple period. In the southern part of the Genesereth delta along the ancient route from the Galilee to the sea. A large synagogue and living quarters with ritual baths on the shores of the Kinneret. This small fishing community is the hometown of Mary of Magdala.

Genesereth / Ginosar

Along the shores of the Kinneret, during the drought the shorelines of the lake are exposed as the water recedes. Two members of kibbutz Ginosar reveal a fishing boat from the times of Jesus. Once saved- the boat is on display.


Two churches are built on the Kinneret shore line. The first is the church of multiplication where Jesus fed 5000 people from 2 fish & 5 loaves of bread. The second church was built in the location where Jesus re-appeared after the resurrection and gives Peter the primacy.


The true hometown of Jesus. This is the 1st-6th century town along the shore of the Kinneret. Capernaum was known as a fishing community and a customs town. The four followers of Jesus- St. Peter, St Andrew, and the sons of Zavdi St. Jacob and St. John- came from here. In the house of Peter’s mother-in-law is where Jesus healed the man that was brought to the house from the roof.

Mt. Beatitudes

An amazing octagonal church overlooking the sea of Galilee. The church was built traditionally where Jesus gave the sermon on the mountain, blessing the people that will inherit the earth.

River Jordan Baptism

The body of water that runs south of the Sea of Galilee and creates the river Jordan. This is the river where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

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