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Ancient cities along the sea

About The Tour

The northern coast of Israel has a very diverse landscape. A good way to see different parts of Israel in one day.

Tour Itinerary


The ancient Roman port city built by King Herod the Great. Caesarea is the city where the Great revolt against the Roman Empire broke out. Laterת during the 11th century the Crusaders built an amazing city over the Roman ruins.


At Mt. Carmel was the first attempt in growing vines for wine by the pilgrims with the help of Baron Edmond De Rothschild. Some of the finest wines in Israel come from this area.


A lookout over the Bahai gardens.  Haifa is the global center of the 4th monotheistic faith - the Bahai religion. These beautiful gardens hold the main establishments of the faith. The gardens were built along the mountain slope overlooking the bay and the German colony.

Akko (Acre)

Akko has an amazing and rich history. From the ancient Roman history through Marco polo and Napoleon Akko tells these stories through its narrow streets, citadels and secret tunnels.

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