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Mt. Carmel City

About The Tour

Along Mt. Carmel the city of Haifa lays overlooking the Mediterranean. Haifa is the most diverse city in Israel.  Being one of the largest ports in the country, it has a wonderful effect on the nature of the city. In the heart of the dense urban jungle.

Tour Itinerary

The Bahá'í Gardens

The world center of the Bahai religion sticks out like a crown jewel. Overlooking the first Templar settlement in the Holy land.

The Carmelite church of Stella Maris

Since 1631 there has been a permanent presence of the Carmelite Christian order. The church is part of a bigger compound that includes a monastery, Turkish winter palace, British navy compound and a lighthouse.

Wadi Nisnas

One of Haifa's oldest neighborhoods. The food market is one of the best places to experience the tastes of some of the famous foods in Israel. Over the years the Wadi has become the up and coming area and turned to a perfect example of coexistence.

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