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Machane Yehuda Market

About The Tour

This is the main market of Jerusalem - over 100 years old. Since the early days, this place has been the melting pot of Jerusalem. Every ethnic group has made an impact on the market. Today the market is famous for the best food in Israel. Small family- ‘holes in the wall’ places that have been in the Market for years turned into landmarks that are a ‘must’ to eat in.

Tour Itinerary

Medicinal Juice Stand

That goes according to some ancient remedies. Different plants, roots, fruits, Vegetables & spices have been the secret of self-healing for years. In a plethora of cultures and religions certain plants and the byproducts have very high importance, sometimes holy, due to their cost or the rarity. Accordingly, the medicinal recipes have traveled all over the world, mostly by trade. These recipes were adopted quickly by locals looking for new ways to heal and treat themselves.

Middle Eastern Tastes

 Try from the different tastes from eitherYemen, Turkey, Morocco, Iraq and more. When they all meet together in the Jerusalem Market- its Magic. Over the years, some of the small Ma & Pa restaurants have become worldly known. Despite the popularity they have gained- service and price have stayed the same.

Local Beers

Taste some of the local beers made in the finest microbreweries in the country. See who small time producers that struggle against the big firms manage to build an amazing business that puts the quality beers out on the streets and to the people.

Sweets & Pastries

Finish with some local sweets and pastries for dessert. Some Jewish, some Arab, but all have became well known in Jerusalem and they are a must for the pallet of every foodie.

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