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Treasures of the land

About The Tour

All the history and legacy the country has to offer indoors. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore a great deal of Israel, its people and heritage in the comfort of the museum.

Tour Itinerary

Yad Va’shem

The National Holocaust Memorial Museum. Yad Va'shem is the official archive and educational center for Holocaust studies in Israel and worldwide.

The Israel Museum

Israel's national museum. The most important items to see are the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Holy Land model of Jerusalem from 2000 years ago. The Judaica and Art departments have permanent and changing exhibits. The Archeological department of the Israel Museum has one of the most impressive collections of ancient civilizations found in the region.

Bible Land Museum

The largest collection of biblical archeology from the Tigris and Euphrates region, to the Nile river area. Includes very rare findings from ancient religions and civilizations. Some of these amazing findings shed light on the biblical narrative and bring it to life.

Orthodox tour

Visit Mea She'arim - A walk through the ‘Gated communities’ at the core of the Orthodox world. Inside these narrow streets the world looks very different and with rules of its own.

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