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Where biblical stories happened

About The Tour

From Samson & Delilah, David & Goliath To Bar Chochvah this region is full of some of the best Bible and history stories. The findings in the different sights are evidence of a rich past and a very important area throughout the times. This area has always been known for its rich soil and over the years has slowly become the wine land of Israel. Grapes were an ancient industry that ceased to exist in the Muslim Arab conquest. In the past years, this area has produced award winning wines.

Tour Itinerary

Lower Judean Hills

Driving through the Lower Judean hills- Here is one of the best places to Grow grapes in Israel.

Visit the Old Monasteries

Visit the old Monasteries that have been living off the land for centuries and are still active.

Boutique Wines

Enjoy some of the boutique wines in Israel.


Where Biblical Stories Happened

Overlook at some of the important spots where the most amazing biblical stories happened, David & Goliath, Samson & Delilah, Where Joshua fought the kings of the south and others.

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