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 Ancient meets new

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Overlooking the sea- Jaffa’s stories are all connected to the water. Being the oldest port city in the world that has always been inhabited by many stories and traditions from all religions take place in Jaffa. With all its rich history, Jaffa is also the best example for Jewish, Christian & Muslim Coexistence. It has one of the most important establishments- Abu Lafia bakery and the flea market.

Tour Itinerary

The Lookout

The highest point of Jaffa, overlooking the city and the sea.

The Suspended Orange Tree

A nostalgic reminder of the Jaffa Orange brand. The number 1 export of Jaffa for many years.

St. Peters Church of Jaffa

That is dedicated to the visit of Peter, who will later become the first pope.

The House of Simon the Tanner

In this location it is suggested that Peter had the divine experience as described in Acts 10. From the house of Simon the tanner in Jaffa Peter will continue his ministry.

The Old Jaffa Port

A walk through the small alleyways of the ancient city down to the port. The Jaffa port is one of the oldest ports in the world. The amazing waterfront tells the tale of the city. Since the Biblical days until the recent Jaffa port has been the main gateway to the holy land. We will even pay a tribute to Napoleon, who came through Jaffa in his journey to the Middle East.

The Flea Market

A colorful part of Jaffa, just outside the old city walls. The Jaffa flea market is one of the most colorful areas in Jaffa. A wonderful opportunity to try some of the most famous local foods.

The Clock Tower

A gift to the city of Jaffa by the Turkish sultan. The clock tower is the one of the most famous landmarks in Jaffa and was the first sign of modernity in the Middle East.

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