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Tel Aviv Street Galleries

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Where the words of prophets are written on the walls. All over Tel Aviv, you can find public graffiti art on display. Some areas have walls covered with the most relevant graffiti statements and protests. Whether it’s the cost of living, shaming, political statements and even love songs. Tel Aviv allows some privately owned walls to be used as a gallery.

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Street Art

Some parts of Tel Aviv have become a booming scene of street art. In the past, it had a very bad reputation and was frowned upon. Graffiti was considered to be juvenile and had very negative connotations. It had strong public repercussions with significant sanctions. Once money had found its way in the graffiti world, it almost overnight turned to 'STREET ART'. No longer on the shoulders of society, street art has become the best way for everyone to enjoy something that was only affordable for the upper class. Taking art out of the museums and galleries and showing it to everyone for - good and bad.

➤ It's Out There 

Now that the art is out on the streets it lacks regulation and fundamental law have turned into street codes. No longer underground and in the hide - although it's still illegal. The Tel Aviv Graffiti has become an excellent way to understand the Israeli society.

Israel Protest

Protesting against challenges, difficulties, cost of living, and other issues, have become a way to express frustration from the artists'  perspective. Issues that trouble the people and can find comfort and pleasure in the expressions, in the public sphere. You might also connect to some of the explicit art as well...

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