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Modern Jewish City

About The Tour

Established in 1909 on the sand dunes outside of Jaffa as another suburb. This attempt turned into the First Hebrew City- also where the Hebrew language was brought back to spotlight after 2000 years - Tel Aviv. The dream of the founders to make Tel Aviv the modern Jewish city was not easy. The short history of Tel Aviv is also the story of a struggle of building the state and declaration of Independence. Still dynamic, young, advanced, dense, liberal and modern - The Tel Aviv tour can show what is left of the early days of the first Hebrew city.

Tour Itinerary

The Water Fountain

The founders' monument where the Idea of the first Hebrew city broke ground. The water fountain - right over where the first water tower stood.

The in Law's House'

3 boy's that were the first born generation of Tel Aviv that in their adulthood were from the founding fathers of the State of Israel- and were in laws.

Independence Hall

First built as the house of Meir Dizengoff, the  legendary Mayor of Tel Aviv, and later the place where the declaration of Independence was held.

First Hebrew School

The site of the first Hebrew school in Tel Aviv and the first skyscraper in the middle east.

Nahalat Binyamin

The Fabric district of Tel Aviv, Also known as the garment St. As Tel Aviv grew into a city, different people of trade built their own areas that slowly became parts of Tel Aviv. Along this street is where the greatest designers in Israel buy their raw materials.

Carmel Market

Walk through the Carmel Market in to the old Yemenite quarter- one of the oldest parts of Tel Aviv and the only area built as a grid. It still keeps the old & small businesses, community life and atmosphere. The Yemenite quarter is also a classic example of city preservation and gentrification of the historical sites.

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