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Layers of history

About The Tour

One of the world's most complicated and interesting cities, Jerusalem has over 3000 years of history. Walking through the old city is an experience one will never forget. Layers over layers of history threaded together, the feeling of standing where some of the greatest moments in human history took place, leaves you in awe.

Tour Itinerary

The Jaffa Gate

The Main entrance to the city walls. The gate's namesake is due to the port city of Jaffa lying at the end of the road. The gate is a landmark in the Jerusalem skyline, the great leaders in history made their way into Jerusalem via Jaffa gate and made sure to document their visit.

Mt. Zion, King David’s Tomb and the Room of Jesus's Last Supper

These two rooms, one on top of the other create a perfect example Jerusalem's microcosm. Although Judaism & Christianity have the ‘main themes’- Islam is also strongly represented in this compound.

Walk via Zion Gate in to the Jewish Quarter

The smallest of all 4 quarters, however, since its rebuilding- a lot has been revealed. During the reconstruction of the Jewish quarter unusual findings have been made, some date back as early as 3000 years ago.

Walk through the Cardo

The ancient Roman main street. Once, this was the heart of the city. Today, it’s a reminder of the city's greatness in ancient times.

First Temple Wall

A 2800 year old wall that was hastily built to defend against the Assyrian siege. An amazing finding that has biblical reference to it in the books of Nehemiah & Isaiah that describe the city walls.

The Hurva (ruined) Synagogue

The synagogue has been built and destroyed 3 times and is standing tall again. The Synagogue is a reminder to the perseverance of a small powerless Jewish community in old Jerusalem.

Western Wall

The spiritual center for the Jewish people and a landmark that Jews have been yearning for over two millennia. The western wall represents the Jews inextricable connection to Jerusalem.


Walk through the Arab Market (shuk)

Not just a tourists' market, this is where the locals shop. There's also a very good chance to bring back home something that would remind you of Jerusalem.

Via Dolorosa - the Stations of the Cross

Starting at the place where Jesus was trialed, through all the stops he made along the way to Golgotha where he was placed to the cross.

Holy Sepulchre

One of the most important sights to the Christian faith. Unlike other sites in the holy land, this church has no official dominance: it belongs to plethora of denominations. This is also the last station of the cross - Golgotha and the cave where Jesus was buried and resurrected from.

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