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Cultural, Culinary, Harmony

About The Tour

Taste your way through Tel Aviv. The History of Tel Aviv and its several immigration waves from different parts of the world have left a huge culinary imprint in the local markets. This fusion of different ethnic origins makes the markets and street food to be an amazing magnet for foodies from all over. Choose your market: Carmel, Levinsky, Ha’tikva & Jaffa.

Tour Itinerary

Famous Juice Stand

Some of the most amazing Tastes can be found in Tel Aviv. The famous Juice stand from Jerusalem has opened in Tel Aviv, going according to ancient remedies.

Famous Burik Stand

Try some Burekas that has made its way here by immigrants from Turkey. Down the street we cross the Mediterranean to North Africa. The famous Burik stand - Deep fried wrap with all the traditional fillings.


Spices from Israel and all over the world. Some self-blended or by specialists. According to your need, Either cooking or medicinal or anything else, this market will have it all.

Tasteful Dishes

Different dishes from the Yemenite kitchen. Although the ingredients and produce are very dull and slim, A very tasteful, exotic, rich and healthy dishes come from the Yemenite kitchen.

Exotic Local Desserts

Finish off with exotic local desserts the market has to offer. Unusual desserts that are very new to the pallet.

➤ Market Mix

Inevitably the flavors of the market mix - just like the people and create a cultural culinary harmony.

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