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Down to the ancient city

About The Tour

The Holy Basin of Jerusalem as we know it today isn’t what the city used to be like in the past. Most of the street level of today’s old city covers a lot of history. Over the years, as the city grew the lower levels were built over - leaving some amazing treasures underground.

Tour Itinerary

City of David

Using the Bible as a treasure map explorers and excavators have discovered treasures that bring us back to the days of the first temple. Walk through an archaeological site that tells stories 3000 years old.

Warren’s Shaft

Down the ancient water cisterns and fortifications of the city. The Seloch pool and through the tunnel, coming out underneath the southern and western Wall.

Western Wall Excavation

Revealing the street that was destroyed by the Romans during the destruction of the temple and covered with earth.


Western Wall Tunnels

ancient Jerusalem that was discovered along the unexposed western wall- most of it runs underneath homes and has revealed a great deal of the ancient city.

Kishla Tunnels

Underneath, in the foundations of the Turkish & Today’s police station, more of Jerusalem's history is revealed.

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