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Christian ancient world

About The Tour

Jerusalem - Although one of the most important cities to the Christian world, Jesus spent only spent a few days in it.  However, these days proved to be pivotal in the history of Christianity and the world.

Tour Itinerary

Mt. Olives

Standing on the top of Mt Olives overlooking the entire old city. The ‘Dominus Flevit’, Tear of the Lord. Suggested location where Jesus sat and wept for the destruction of Jerusalem.

Maria Magdalena

The Russian Orthodox Church where the relics of Maria Magdalena are held. Two other important figures to visit are the princess of Russia- ‘Elisabetha’ and her cousin Princess Anna - the mother of Prince Philip.


By the pillar of betrayal. This is the garden where Judas betrayed Jesus and signaled him to the Romans by greeting him with a kiss.

➤ Church of Nations/Agony

At this site Jesus spent his last night before being betrayed by Judas. The construction was funded by communities  from all over the world - giving it the name Church of Nations.

Church of Mary's Tomb

This church lies in the lowest part of the valley between Mt. Olives and the old city.In the orthodox tradition this is Mary’s place of rest and resurrection.

Lions' Gate

One of the main gates to the city. The iconic gate gets its name from the Lions carved into the stone as a kind reminder of the Mamluke period in Jerusalem.

Ecce Homo

The spot where Pontius Pilatus washes his hands from guilt and the beginning of the Stations of the cross.

Via Dolorosa

The way of agony - the 12 stations that appear in the scriptures describing the way and stops Jesus made while wearing a crown of thorns and carrying the cross.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Last 3 stations of the cross - Inside the church is where Jesus is placed to the cross, anointed and buried in the cave donated by Josef of Arimathea.

Western Wall

The spiritual center for the Jewish people and a landmark that Jews have been yearning for almost 2000 years. The western wall represents the inextricable connection Jews have to Jerusalem.

King David’s Tomb & the Room of Jesus's Last Supper

These two rooms, one on top of the other create a perfect example of the Jerusalem microcosm. Although Judaism and Christianity have the ‘main themes’- Islam is also strongly represented in this compound.

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