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Variety of buildings and stories

About The Tour

Until the 19th century Jerusalem was only the fortified city. Slowly small groups that were sponsored by world superpowers had made the effort to have a strong hold in the Holy Basen. This Imperial - Religious competition has left a wonderful and colorful variety of buildings and stories.

Tour Itinerary

Mishkenot Sha'ananim & Yemin Moshe

From all denominations the Jews were the last ones to move out.  the first Jewish neighborhood outside the city walls from 1886 built by Sir Montefiore.


a Jerusalem landmark, the first sports club that was home to the most important sports teams. Designed by the same architect of the Empire State building.   


King David hotel

across the street- built during the british period, the hotel has become known for hosting world leaders and celebrities. The hotel during the British mandate used the building as HQ for the military deployed in Israel. 


The Russian Compound

was the first time the Ottomans permitted another world super power to build in Jerusalem. An amazing compound that is still standing today. While in the past the Russian church was used as a KGB opps station.     

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